NASCAR: Bubba Wallace booed on his return to the track

Bubba Wallace may be the darling of the leftist sports media but he is clearly not as popular among NASCAR fans. Wallace was back racing in the NASCAR Cup Series at Martinsville Speedway on Sunday after he was suspended for one event for purposely wrecking Kyle Larson at Las Vegas two weeks ago.

During the Martinsville driver introductions, Wallace received a massive number of boos from the crowd at the track.

“There’s a lot of good things going into this weekend. I’m not coming back with a vengeance or anything like that,” Wallace told reporters Saturday, via “I’m just going to continue to do what we’ve been doing. And for the record, I have talked to Larson, and we had a great conversation this week. I think the best thing for us is we both understood where our frustrations were and moving forward and how we both can handle those situations better.”

Wallace said he also spoke to the 23XI racing team, owned by NBA legend Michael Jordan and NASCAR star Denny Hamlin, and was told to avoid situations that placed the organization and sponsors “in a bad light.”

“They were understanding of the heat-of-the-moment type things, but they were very adamant about how we need to handle those five seconds later,” the No. 45 driver added. “You need to think, like I said earlier, you need to think before you do. That was the biggest thing. They still support me, and we’re here. Just have to go out and continue to build this team up.”

Wallace shoves Larson in Las Vegas. Wallace, could not play the race card this time as he was bullying a smaller Asian driver in Kyle Larson


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