How Can a College Student Get Into Professional Racing?

Driving a car is one of the best feelings in the world. Millions attend driving schools to get licenses and get a taste of this experience. Some people aren’t satisfied using their cars for daily commutes or occasional trips. They want to enjoy the thrill of racing. Video games like GRID or Need For Speed give a sense of what it’s like, but they can’t replace the real deal.

Luckily, there are plenty of disciplines aspiring pro-racers can explore. One of them is go-kart racing. There’s a common misconception that only experienced drivers can get into this sport. The fact is that even students with driver’s licenses are welcome to try it out. There are several things that should help them decide if pro-racing is their calling.

Prepare To Spend A Lot

Professional carting can take a big chunk out of your time and budget. Most racers start young to learn about controls and car mechanics. In some cases, students sign up for pro-karting sources before applying for college. When this happens, they depend on an admission essay service to help them out with applications. If you’re already a full-time student, there might not be enough time for training and academic work. 

Chances are most of your money is reserved for college fees, books, and study help services. There’s little chance there will be enough funds to support this passion. Additionally, attending lessons on a regular basis can become quite costly.

Of course, it’s not a problem if one has the funds to support their passion. They can always try out professional racing and quit whenever they want. Even if the pro career won’t pick up, it’s always possible to hit the track for a casual ride with your friends. With that said, there are several tips that pro-racers will find helpful.

Get Acquainted With The Sport

Any aspiring go-kart racer needs to understand the discipline. A local go-kart track is a perfect place to start their quest for knowledge. Its manager will provide basic information about the sport and the necessary gear. Otherwise, students will have a hard time and won’t enjoy racing. There are several things required to compete in go-kart racing:

  • Go-kart ($1,500 to $2,500)
  • Racing helmet ($300-$500)
  • Karting gloves ($15-$65)
  • Rib protector ($70-$159)
  • Karting suit ($108-$205)

These prices depend on the kind of gear used or recommended at the local go-kart track. There’s no need to invest in high-grade go-karts or gear from the start. One can cut costs by renting machines from the place. Depending on location, a single race can cost as low as $45. Give the kart several laps to get used to the feeling of driving the vehicle.

Ideally, the first laps should be driven under the supervision of an instructor. They will give the basic knowledge of the controls and inner workings of go-kart driving. Professional racers like Romain Grosjean think that go-karting is hard to master. So, there’s no shame in asking for help.

Instructors can give advice about improving lap time and handling the kart. In time you’ll get the necessary experience and skills to drive independently. Once ready, a student can join a professional karting league. It’s better to consult with the track owner about the regulations of participation in pro races.

Don’t Overstretch Yourself

Some students consider buying a kart right off the bat. That’s a considerable investment to make and can leave them without money for months. Even pro racers should wait before winning several races or tournaments. When ready, consult experienced go-kart racers about the equipment they favor.

Other parts of the sport can empty your wallet just as well. Taking a look at some of the prices posted in this article gives a good idea about potential expenses. This is why students have to carefully plan their spending habits. The bright side is that these expenses can be completely covered after a couple of big wins.

Students have to organize their schedules to accommodate the new activity. There should be enough time for studying and attending classes. Training several times a week will do the trick. As part of the learning process, can also be used to get help with any difficult assignment. They should also ensure that go-karting doesn’t consume their entire leisure time. To move quicker towards major leagues, students can consider working with driving teachers.

Those who master these elements are in for hefty rewards. Depending on their skill level, students can enjoy prize pools from $1000 to $20,000 in a single tournament. The downside is that the money is often divided between the three finalists. But, it’s still a great prize for college students.

Start As Soon As Possible

As with any discipline, it’s essential to start early. Applying this principle to go-karting will give one practice and experience to achieve their goals. It’s also a great exercise for improving driving skills. A go-kart racer has a better understanding of how vehicles behave in various conditions. They also get better at steering, breaking, and accelerating on the track.

It’s important to start small. Ask about karting competitions around the university campus. If there are any available, enlist in university leagues. Of course, success on the track shouldn’t come before academic achievements. It’s also important not to let racing achievements get into your head too much and cloud your judgment.

Following this advice, anybody will see how go-karting changes their outlook on things. They’ll soon adopt a more competitive approach. It’s a great exercise to bolster your focus and concentrate on things that matter. College students will find that racing improves their cognitive abilities and makes them quick on their feet.


Like any sport, go-kart racing requires determination, hard work, and ability. But, it rewards racers with incredible adrenaline highs and a chance to compete with their peers. The downside is that it comes with a hefty price tag attached. Take the time to weigh the pros and cons before deciding if the sport is for you.



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