F1: Pirelli to supply 6 tire compounds in 2023

Pirelli will introduce a new ‘C1’ compound next year in F1.

Pirelli’s motorsport engineer, Simone Berra, explained how in 2023 the C0 compound tire will essentially be the old C1 from the 2022 season and there will be a new C1 tire that will sit between C0 and C2. Other than that, all the tire compounds for next year will be the same.

“The new C1 was tested in Texas and it offers more grip, as the old version of that tire wasn’t as grippy. The current C2 to C5 tires remain exactly the same in terms of composition.”

At each Grand Prix, Pirelli will select three different tires for the race weekend: Soft, Medium, and Hard, ranging from C0 (hardest) to C5 (softest).


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