F1: Hamilton biased British media will ‘lick the gutter’ to make Verstappen look bad

Max Verstappen is dismantling the British Media’s hero Lewis Hamilton on the racetrack, and they are at wits end.

To cover up for their hero being schooled by the Dutchman, they try to dig up any dirt they can on Verstappen and blow it way out of proportion.

The latest example is Verstappen’s personal sponsor Jumbo Food Markets.

In September, Frits van Eerd was forced to step down from his position as the CEO of Jumbo after being arrested due to his alleged involvement in a money-laundering investigation by the Netherlands’ public prosecution service, the Openbaar Ministerie.

The chain maintains it is not involved in the investigation, temporary CEO Ton van Veen said in delivering Jumbo’s annual report. It is van Eerd who supposedly did the money laundering with his personal resources.

“This also has consequences for our sponsorship. We will no longer continue with that. We will also take a critical look at our activities in motorsport.

“An exception to this is the contract with Max Verstappen, said van Veen.”

Speaking to the Algemeen Dagblad newspaper in September when the investigation was first launched, Raymond Vermeulen, Verstappen’s manager, refused to jump to conclusions.

“Caution is in order here,” said Vermeulen.

“We are waiting for the facts to be on the table. We have been in contact with Jumbo and the management and marketing will continue as usual.

“We have agreements with Jumbo, and the supermarket is not part of the investigation. That was clearly stated.”

Speaking directly to the bias British media looking to dig up any dirt they could on Verstappen, Vermeulen stated, “Let’s be careful with all kinds of suggestive things and wait for the facts to come out.”