NASCAR: Trailer for Kyle Busch’s new Amazon documentary ‘Rowdy’

After Dale Earnhardt Sr. was killed at Daytona because NASCAR did not mandate the HANS Device like all other series had done, Kyle Busch took up the mantle of NASCAR’s villain.

And he has played it so well over the years, taking win after win, then bowing to the fans on his car roof, after he schooled their favorite driver.

And those who love him can get an in-depth look back at his career so far with his new documentary, Rowdy. The documentary — set to premiere on Amazon Freevee on Feb. 3 in the U.S. — is a biographical film covering the 37-year-old driver’s illustrious NASCAR career, spanning nearly two decades.

It also features an inside look at Busch’s 2015 season, which began with a crash at Daytona International Speedway — leaving him with a broken right leg and a fractured left foot followed by an intense recovery — and ended with his first Cup championship.