Automotive: Tesla horror stories

Did you hear – a Tesla Model S caught fire three weeks after it was involved in an accident and sent to a junkyard. Firefighters had a difficult time putting out the blaze, and they ended up having to submerge the battery.

Posting on its official Twitter account, the Metro Fire Department of Sacramento explained that it sent crews to extinguish a vehicle fire in a wrecking yard. When they got there, firefighters found a burning Model S that had been wrecked in a non-fire-related accident about three weeks before. Why the electric sedan caught fire after sitting for nearly a month is unclear, but Metro Fire says the Tesla put up a fight.

“Crews knocked the fire down but it kept re-igniting/off-gassing in the battery compartment,” it wrote on Twitter.

Too funny. Note all the air pollution being created by that tree-hugger car. The salvage yard workers were said to be roasting marshmallows waiting for the fire company to arrive.

Teslas are so expensive to repair, insurers are writing them off

Tesla electric vehicles are expensive to repair — so much so that the automaker and insurers are addressing the issue in sharply different ways.

Chief Executive Elon Musk says Tesla is making design and software changes to its vehicles to lower repair costs and insurance premiums.

Insurance carriers, meanwhile, are writing off low-mileage Tesla Model Ys that have been in crashes, and sending them to salvage auctions after deeming many too expensive to repair.

As an example, an Austin-built 2022 Model Y Long Range involved in a front collision and listed by IAA Auction house in early January had a retail price of $61,388 and estimated repair cost of $50,388, so the insurance company totaled the car and only gave the owner what the used car was still worth.

Out thousands of dollars, the tree-hugger had to fork out a lot of money to replace his Tesla.

Poor fella.  Ah, but he thought he was saving the planet.  Now back to the child-labor mines to mine all those minerals needed for a new Tesla.


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