F1: Lewis Hamilton has doubts he can win 8th title

He’s getting up in age for an F1 driver and now that he no longer has an unbeatable superior Mercedes F1 car, Lewis Hamilton has admitted that he is fearful that he may never win a Formula 1 world championship again.

After going two years without winning the F1 drivers’ championship and the Englishman now 38, he does have some fears that he will never add an eighth crown.

Speaking on the Jay Shetty podcast, he said: “There are days where I do feel like I’m not enough, there are days where I don’t feel like I’m good enough.

“People can be like, ‘Yeah, but you’ve won seven world titles’ but still there are days where I question ‘have you still got it, can you still be the best?’ I’m having that conversation with myself often.

“Sometimes I’ll say something that’s maybe not the most positive. And he’ll be the one there just reaffirming ‘you’ve got this, believe in yourself’. It’s so important for people to have people like that around them. I support myself, I surround myself with other positive people as well.

“I think it’s all our job to lift everyone up. I want everyone around me to win, and to become the best versions of themselves.”