F1: ‘We are credible, we don’t just talk, we act’ – Krack

Aston Martin’s F1 team boss Mike Krack has sent a warning shot across the bow of McLaren and Alpine.

Speaking to motorsport-total, team boss Mike Krack talked about how the team’s ambitions are far more serious than other midfield teams, by investing in a new state-of-the-art factory and poaching some of the best talent from other teams using big salary increases.

He made references to McLaren’s Zak Brown saying that the team will be fighting for wins in 2025 and Alpine’s Otmar Szafnaeur talking about the French team’s 100-race plan.

Krack questioned these plans, asking what these teams are doing to upgrade themselves, saying:

“We take it more seriously, and our ambitions are credible. No one in the field has made the investment to achieve that. There are teams who say yes they will win in three years, they will win in a hundred races, but what are they doing to win?”

“With the factory, the wind tunnel, the new simulators, we’re serious; there’s a huge investment behind it. That’s why it was clear to Fernando (Alonso) so quickly, we didn’t even have to convince him, he already knew. He has his contacts everywhere. We are credible, we don’t just talk, we act.”

Aston Martin is currently constructing a massive new F1 factory