Rumor: Efforts afoot to have Mohammed Ben Sulayem replaced (Update)

We are downgrading this rumor to ‘false’ today.

The F1 teams do not choose the FIA president, and unless they can influence all the FIA member clubs around the world to vote to remove Ben Sulayem, it is not going to happen.

January 30, 2023 

The F1 daggers are out, and they are aimed squarely at the current FIA President, according to a report by Sport1.

F1 bosses, including Liberty Media, reportedly want FIA president Mohammed Ben Sulayem removed from his position due to many gaffes.

F1 Race officiating last year was met with many complaints.

The FIA was forced to defend Ben Sulayem on Friday after sexist remarks attributed to the president were published by The Times from 2021 – the year he was elected FIA President.

F1 also accused Ben Sulayem of making “unacceptable” remarks about the value of the sport in an explosive letter to the FIA claiming he had no right to say F1 is not worth $20 billion to a potential buyer.

The two parties remain at loggerheads over the potential future expansion of the F1 grid – the FIA wants to add teams, including Andretti Global, and F1 says it is happy with the current 10 teams.

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