F1: Basing the Haas team in the USA would be a huge mistake – Steiner

Ahead of Haas’ 2023 livery launch, Guenther Steiner has ruled out the American team relocating to the United States as he says that would be a one-way road to the very back of the F1 grid.

That’s likely where the Andretti Global team will find itself by basing their team in the USA, but Michael Andretti aims to prove Steiner wrong.

Gene Haas set up his headquarters in Kannapolis, North Carolina, which is also home to his NASCAR team. But in truth Haas is very much based in Europe, England and Italy to be precise.

“Very difficult to do,” Steiner admitted to KVUE, when asked about moving the American owned team to the USA. “There’s just so much expertise in Europe for F1.

“I always say nothing is impossible but it is made more difficult now with the budget cap because to move people you need to offer something more.

“I think the United States is not a cheap place to employ people as well, and you always tried to do the best you can within a budget cap.

So, at the moment it would be not very… not a positive move for the team to move over to the US.