Automotive: EV owners not paying their fair share to maintain the roads they use

As more Electric Vehicles hit Roads, States are looking to replace the loss in Gas Tax revenue used to maintain their roads and bridges.

Long-studied ideas such as raising registration fees for EVs, taxing drivers for the miles they drive—instead of the gas they buy—and imposing fuel taxes on electricity sold at commercial chargers are getting a renewed look.

“We’re in a no man’s land. Nobody [in Georgia] has done this. Everybody’s talked about it, but nobody’s actually put a bill on paper,” said Georgia state Rep. Rick Jasperse, who hopes to pass an excise tax on kilowatt-hours at commercial EV charging stations this year.

There are already reports that topping up an EV now costs more than buying gasoline. Suffice it to say, that EV cost/mile ownership is going to go up significantly in the coming years, on top of the additional $10K to $20K you pay to buy an equivalent EV.

But hey, EV owners are more than happy to bend over and take it up the posterior (with a smile) to save the planet.

Good on them.

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