F1: Red Bull to light up the streets of Chicago and Nashville

In what is an obvious in-your-face strike at NASCAR and IndyCar, Red Bull announced that Daniel Ricciardo is planning to do two show-run events in Chicago and Nashville this year

Ricciardo will be using a screaming Red Bull F1 car to show NASCAR fans (Chicago and Nashville) and IndyCar fans (Nashville) what a real race car can do.

It is quite clear that F1, led by Liberty Media, aims to take USA market share away from NASCAR and IndyCar by showing up in the backyard of some of their major events.

As previously outlined here, the IndyCar event in Nashville is in jeopardy already, as the new Nashville NFL stadium will obliterate the IndyCar pit and paddock area for the existing circuit.  The race is ok for 2023, but 2024 may be a different story.