F1: Ricciardo has audience in stitches on Late Show

Daniel Ricciardo made a guest appearance on Stephen Colbert’s Late Show Thursday night with the eight-time Grand Prix winner asked about the success of the sport, in particular the booming growth of Formula 1 in America.

Ricciardo put out the only response fans have come to expect from him over the years.

“I was going to say something serious, but I think ultimately it’s my good looks,” Ricciardo says as the audience went wild over the answer.

A slightly stunned Colbert responded: “I mean that’s pretty serious, that’s pretty serious too.”

Of course Ricciardo then went on to attribute the success of Formula 1 in America to the Netflix series Drive to Survive.

“Look I think the series blowing up, I think that’s put it on the map worldwide,” he said.

“It’s about to go into season five which is pretty wild.

“There’s parts of the world where it has always been big. In Europe Formula 1 has always existed for many, many years and there’s always been a core following there.

“In the States I feel like it was inevitable to blow up here because you do sports so well, it was just a matter of time but I feel it accelerated through this series.”