Video: F1 driver Sergio Perez goes karting against Jimmy Fallon

Red Bull driver Sergio Perez recently appeared in a humorous promotional video with Jimmy Fallon, a well-known American comedian and TV host. They both raced each other in electric go-karts around a unique indoor go-kart circuit with Ford in town and Ford’s CEO Jim Farley in attendance.

The video started with Jimmy Fallon talking with Ford’s president and CEO, Jim Farley, about their future with Red Bull and how the American automotive giant will benefit from it. During the short interview, Farley said:

“We haven’t been in Formula One in 20 years. But we’re going back. Racing has gotten huge, Formula One has gotten huge in the US and we want to use it to promote our electric vehicles. So it makes sense for us. We’re gonna join Red Bull, they’ve been world champions for a couple of times. It’s perfect for us.”