F1: Las Vegas approves closing strip for F1 race thru 2032

The  first deal for the Las Vegas GP F1 race was signed for three-years, covering the 2023-25 period, but the F1 top management confirmed from the start that it was targeting a longer-term commitment for the Las Vegas Grand Prix.

On Tuesday, the Clark County Commission heard a resolution to recognise the grand prix as an annual event for the next 10 years, bringing an estimated economic impact exceeding $1 billion to the region per year.

As part of this, the commission was requested to recognise the circuit on both public and private land in Las Vegas, including roads owned by Clark County – Harmon Avenue, Las Vegas Boulevard, Koval Lane and Sands Avenue – that would require closure.

The motion was voted unanimously by the board 7-0, a decision that gives the green light for the required closures each year until 2032.

“We have a three-year contract with Formula 1, but we anticipate a lifetime in partnership,” said James Gibson, the Clark County commissioner, ahead of the vote.

“This will open the pathway to be able to do it for at least 10 years. And then beyond that, I’m sure that those who succeed us will see the value in what we’ve done and continue doing it forever.”

Terry Miller, the project manager for the Las Vegas Grand Prix, appeared to speak before the commission’s vote, and said that plans for the race in November were “on schedule.”

“This is a community-wide opportunity for the labor force, for vendors, for everybody that is excited about a new opportunity in Las Vegas and Clark County,” said Miller.

“We’re very proud of what we’re doing. This obviously provides labor for construction, but also for the operation of the event itself. if the resolution is passed, it will be years to come.

“The impact the Las Vegas Grand Prix brings to our community is very significant.”

The inaugural event in November will be the first of a three-year deal, but Tuesday’s ruling by the Clark County Commission opened the door to make the grand prix a permanent fixture.

The ruling also granted certain waivers, including the use of Las Vegas Boulevard South, on the basis that the closure takes place “Wednesday through Sunday, the week prior to the Thanksgiving holiday in November in the years 2023 through 2032”. The wording indicates the race’s current date toward the end of the F1 season is here to stay.