Automotive: Ferrari CEO compliments Tesla for shaking up the automotive industry

While speaking at Ferrari’s Maranello headquarters with Bloomberg News, Ferrari CEO Benedetto Vigna stated that Tesla accelerated change in the auto industry. He also shared what he learned from the young carmaker.

“The big contribution that Tesla has made to the automotive industry? It was a wake-up call. Things used to happen too slowly. Tesla shook up the industry and accelerated processes and decisions. They were faster and more agile,” the Ferrari CEO said.

When asked what he thinks Tesla’s vehicles, Vigna noted that the company’s electric cars are functional vehicles. “It’s meant to go from one point to another,” Vigna said.

Vigna also proved very optimistic about the company’s upcoming electric cars.

“Electrification is a new way to provide our customers a unique driving experience, and I’ve no doubt that our electric powertrains will give clients the same thrills of combustion engines. The point is how to extract the best emotion from the use of this technology, giving something unique to the clients,” Vigna said.