NASCAR: Big plans for new races

No sooner did the Mayor of NY City approach F1 about a race in NY City on Randalls Island, did NASCAR COO Steve O’Donnell tell Sports Business Journal’s Adam Stern that NASCAR is in active talks to bring a race to the New York City area.

Randalls Island perhaps?  It could be after F1 turned the mayor down – looks like as an eyesore, but NASCAR may deem it perfect.

With their partial success in the LA market with the Busch Light Clash, and the first race on the streets of Chicago coming up in July, O’Donnell said they’re also looking at possible Cup races in Denver, Seattle, Mexico, Canada, and an international series in the Middle East.

F1 poked the Bear

It would seem that F1’s huge success in North America has NASCAR a bit nervous.

All these street and road course races are sure to turn off NASCAR’s core fan base, but perhaps they don’t care as they try to counter F1’s insurgence into their backyard.

NASCAR made one earlier push to get into the New York City market when in 2004 International Speedway Corp. bought land on Staten Island with plans to develop a track but abandoned the effort after being unable to garner enough local political support.

It will be interesting to see if F1 responds with a 4th USA race in the LA market to show Southern Californians just how Mickey Mouse and utterly ridiculous NASCAR’s 1/4-mile oval is in the LA Coliseum.

Mark Cipolloni reporting for