F1: Ferrari unveils its 2023 F1 car – the SF-23

Ferrari has revealed the new SF-23 Formula 1 car that looks almost identical to their 2022 car.

In an event at Maranello on Tuesday,  new team principal Fred Vasseur as well as its drivers Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz Jr. participated in the unveiling and the first laps of the car at Fiorano.

Carlos Sainz Jr. drove the first couple of laps before handing the car over to Charles Leclerc.

The new car follows the same overall aerodynamic template as its 2022 Formula 1 car.

The front suspension looks different, the sidepods have been reprofiled and the color red is back to a traditional Ferrari Red – a brighter shade than last year.

The 2023 Ferrari SF-23 
The rear suspension is pushrod operated, very similar in layout to last year.
The top of the sidepods are concave downward to generate downforce, just like last year.

A revised front suspension and front wing. The front suspension is a pushrod-setup with a spring or torsion bar supporting the car. The wishbone pick-ups where they join the chassis have a small amount of anti-squat/anti-lift on them to help support the front of the car and reduce the ride height change when the loads are changing under braking. The steering track rod is low down in front of, but slightly higher than, the forward leg of the lower front wishbone.
Larger mirrors per the new FIA regs.  The front wing has the now-common full-width slot gap  between the front element and the second element.  Those turning vanes like Mercedes tried to use last year look just as illegal. The trailing edge of the rear flap of the front wing is fairly consistent going outboard then drops away fairly quickly from the inside of the front tire for better airflow between the tub and the wheels.
Revised aero below the rear wing – above the underbody tunnel exits
Ferrari drivers Carlos Sainz Jr. and Charles Leclerc

Ecopol announced as a Team Sponsor

Ferrari announced a multi-year partnership with Ecopol, as an Official Partner to the Scuderia and to the Ferrari Hypercar program that is competing in the WEC (World Endurance Championship) with the 499P.

Ecopol is an innovative company which introduced water soluble and biodegradable film to the market, used mainly by the household cleaning products industry, providing the consumer with a product that is safe and environmentally friendly.

The company is based in Pistoia, Tuscany and shares Ferrari’s approach to excellence and high level performance, while always taking CO2 emissions reduction into account. The Ecopol logo will feature on the SF-23 that will be unveiled tomorrow, as well as on the 499P Hypercar livery.