Rumor: Mercedes W14 has engine issues during Silverstone Shakedown

Rumor has it that the Mercedes W14 had some engine issues after the presentation in Silverstone this morning.

It was reported that there were ignition and misfiring problems in the power unit.

The problem is supposedly solvable. Reports are it is not serious, and it was due to an error in mounting the engine on the chassis. Tomorrow they will return to the track for the filming day.

George Russell said there were no major scares during his shakedown run in the W14 today at Silverstone. When asked by AMuS whether the car has bounced again, he dodged the question by saying: “We’ll see next week.”

They’re not allowed to go full speed during a shakedown, as it’s technically outside of the testing regulations. He wouldn’t know if the car bounces or not because of that. We’ll know during official testing in Bahrain.

Mercedes W14 Top View