F1: Hopefully American Logan Sargeant can someday drive for us – Andretti

Mario Andretti said he does not understand why F1 CEO Stefano Domenicali is making statements that Michael Andretti was not smart saying the existing F1 team owners are greedy for pushing back on their application to enter F1.

In his view, Michael is only showing enthusiasm.

“You can look at this thing in different ways, but I don’t feel that we have violated or have done anything wrong, just showing the excitement of doing this. So, if we’re a bit open about it, speaking with the press and so forth… that’s life, that’s the way we do things. But I don’t know where anyone could say we’ve done something really wrong, so that’s the way I look at it.”

Speaking to KVUE TV, Andretti said, “It’s good for Liberty Media to have more teams to guarantee all race promoters that there will be enough cars on the grid.

“We have been told by both sides (F1 and FIA) that if we bring a big manufacturer to F1, which we have done with GM, then we would be accepted and that is what we have done.

“Michael would like to field an F2 and maybe even an F3 team to give more young Americans an opportunity.  Michael is willing to go in [to f1 and other FIA series] with both feet.

“The $200M anti-dilution fee is large and to be divided by all the teams ($20 million for each team), and if you look at the big picture, there is no way another team is going to suffer long-term.  It’s a positive movement for the sport to allow growth and positive investment.”

“The ultimate dream will be to eventually have the USA National Anthem played on the top step of a F1 podium at one of the USA races.

“It’s all about results, that is the objective of everyone involved.

“You have American Logan Sargeant at the Williams team now, and we wish him the very best, and I hope he wishes us the very best as well to be a competitor of his (in F1), and maybe someday he can even possibly drive for us.”