Automotive: ABC News Admits Electric Vehicles Are a ‘Logistical Nightmare’

Even far-left ABC News admits that electric vehicle owners face a “logistical nightmare” when it comes to everyday use, not to mention long drives.

piece written by Morgan Korn tries to make it sound as though Joe Biden is some sort of savior with his goal of “installing 500,000 new chargers across the U.S. and dramatically boosting EV sales by 2030,” but that’s not going to solve a lot of the problems. In fact, while critical of the current situation for electric vehicles, this article fails to mention all the “logistical nightmares” electric vehicle owners face.

Korn writes:

YouTube personality Steve Hammes leased a Hyundai Kona Electric sport utility vehicle for his 17-year-old daughter Maddie for three reasons: it was affordable, practical and allowed Maddie to put her cash toward college, not fuel. Now, the upstate New York resident has a dilemma many EV owners can relate to: finding available charging stations far away from home.

“We’re going through the planning process of how easily Maddie can get from Albany to Gettysburg [College] and where she can charge the car,” Hammes told ABC News. “It makes me a little nervous. We want fast chargers that take 30 to 40 minutes — it would not make sense to sit at a Level 2 charger for hours. There isn’t a good software tool that helps EV owners plan their trips.”

30 to 40 minutes might not sound like a long time, but have you ever had to wait five minutes to access the gas pump? It sucks. Imagine 40 minutes. Oh, and what if someone is ahead of you in line? Then it’s not 40 minutes? Then it’s 80 minutes. In California sometimes you are 3rd or 4th in line and now your wait is 2 to 3 hours.

They need to have trees near every charger so while the EV owner waits for a charge they can hug a tree.

What ABC fails to mention are the battery fires and the stories leaking out that, in some cases, it’s cheaper per mile to run a gas-powered car than an electric car.

Oh, and then there’s my favorite omission from these stories: the fact that electric vehicles are not saving the planet. The electricity they run on is almost exclusively produced by burning fossil fuels.

The whole idea is a ruse, ridiculous.

If you only use the car to go back and forth to work and you can charge at home at night, that’s great. But if you are in a situation where you need to charge along the way, good luck.

If we ever get to a point where you can charge the vehicle in a few minutes and these charging stations are as easy to find as gas stations, that will be great. But…wishful thinking.

You’re still not saving the planet, pal, because your tree hugging buddies stopped the building of Nuclear Power plants that emit zero carbon pollutants for 50 to 100 years, and boy do they produce a lot of power.