F1: Ecclestone again strikes out at Hamilton’s political bullcrap

Ex-Formula 1 tycoon Bernie Ecclestone has reignited his feud with Lewis Hamilton as after blasting his political protests by saying ‘people don’t go to a Formula One race to have a lecture’.

‘Maybe the older generation are not interested in listening to what he has to say.’

‘Maybe, when the older generation are making statements, and some people think they’re correct, he doesn’t like it because it’s taking up the space that he would normally have,’ Ecclestone told The Telegraph.

Such gestures have included Hamilton wearing a rainbow colored helmet in Bahrain this weekend to promote LGBT+ rights and fellow driver Sebastian Vettel wearing a ‘Same Love’ t-shirt at the Hungarian Grand Prix to protests the nation’s anti-gay rights laws.

A despondent Lewis Hamilton sits in his cockpit with his rainbow colored helmet- Sebastian Kawka Photo

But Ecclestone said that racing fans do not turn up ‘to have a lecture’, adding that while ‘drivers should have free speech’ that it was ‘a case of when and how they use it’.

‘It’s wrong. It’s all completely wrong. I’m 100 percent against it,’ he added.