Rumor: Teams will have less available tires for Imola, new tires for 2026

As part of an effort to reduce the number of tires that are brought to grands prix, at two races this year an experiment will take place for a new mandated tire allocation throughout qualifying.

As a result, the number of tire sets available to each driver for the weekend will be reduced from 13 to 11.

Currently, drivers are completely free to choose which tires are used in the three segments of qualifying, but at these two events the compounds will be mandated.

Drivers will be forced to use hard tires in Q1, mediums in Q2 and then softs in Q3. If any of the sessions are declared wet, then tire choice will become free.

Under the experiment, drivers will have access to three sets of hards, four sets of mediums and four sets of softs for the entire weekend.

The plan is to have six sets of tires available for qualifying, and five to juggle between practice and the race.

Although there has been no official confirmation of the final selected venues just yet, sources have revealed to Autosport that the Emilia Romagna GP weekend from 18-21 May will be the first event chosen.

Who will win the new F1 Tire Contract?

The FIA have revealed plans for the ‘Invitation to Tender’ process for the F1 tire supply for 2025-2027.

While current supplier Pirelli is in the catbird seat to win the new deal, another company might.

Following today’s FIA World Motorsport Meeting in Bahrain, the governing body has revealed plans to open Formula 1’s sole tire supply tender for the 2025 to 2027 (inclusive) periods.

Tire dimensions and compounds will likely change starting in 2026 because there will be a significant increase in torque under 2026-30’s hybrid power unit regulations, which specify an approximate 50/50 split between internal combustion and electrification for the 900bhp PUs: well up from the current 80/20 ratio.

F1 does not want the cars burning rubber accelerating out of corners due to the increased torque.