Rumor: Hamilton could yet quit Mercedes

–by Mark Cipolloni–

Lewis Hamilton desperately wants to win a record 8th F1 Word Driving title.

Word is he has held off signing a new contract with Mercedes until he sees whether they can rectify their car’s performance to make it a contender for race wins.

And although in the media, both he and Toto Wolff are saying it’s just a matter of time before they get a new deal done, Hamilton’s is starting to realize that Mercedes may be in such a hole that it will take them two years to catch up.

Hamilton does not want to wait two more years only to find that even then, the Mercedes car is not a winner.

Hamilton knows his image is already taking a beating.  When he was winning he was deemed the greatest driver of all time by the bias British media.  Now that he can’t win anymore they blame the car.  It’s rather hilarious to watch – their bias knows no bounds.

Word is that Hamilton would love to sign with Red Bull, Aston Martin or Ferrari.

He can forget about signing with Red Bull as long as Max Verstappen is there, and besides, his marketing value would be crushed when Verstappen continually schools him in the identical equipment.

So, scratch Red Bull

He can forget about Aston Martin – they love Fernando Alonso and you’re going to tell Lawrence Stroll to sack his son. Good luck with that!

So, scratch Aston Martin.

Ferrari could be an option because you can never ever rule out a move to Ferrari for racing drivers because it’s their dream, and Hamilton has said it before.  Ferrari is faster than the Mercedes and if Fred Vasseur can iron out their strategy and reliability issues, they could provide Hamilton with a winning car.  Charles Leclerc looks increasingly unhappy there, and Carlos Sainz Jr. has been rather hot and cold.

So, Ferrari is a definite, Maybe.

With all that said, we give it a 25% chance that Hamilton would leave the team that brought him 6 World Titles, but of course, that was when Aldo Costa was designing their cars.