F1: Top 7 Formula 1 Cities in the World to visit

To enjoy a Formula 1 race, you need to find a great circuit for the best drivers to provide some jaw-dropping drama. Formula 1 is also a global sport and several cities house a circuit that is well worth visiting. You can check out the latest FanDuel odds for the championship and individual races yet it is worth getting close to the action. Grab your ear defenders and brace yourself for some stunning action.


Melbourne – Albert Park, Australian Grand Prix

You will find the odds for the Australian Grand Prix in the sports betting lines section and it is one of the early races to look forward to in the season. The Albert Park circuit is within walking distance from Melbourne’s CBD and offers a combination of street tracks with permanent ones that are included in the park. The track was resurfaced in 2022 meaning it should be slicker while the pit lane was widened and two turns were eliminated. If you do visit, make a trip of it by enjoying the CBD and the seaside village of St. Kilda too.  

Downtown Melbourne as seen from the track

Monaco – Monaco Grand Prix

Some call Monaco the classic Formula 1 grand prix circuit or the jewel in the crown of F1. While the modern cars may seem oversized in the tight streets of the principality, that’s where some of the excitement lies. Monaco is a glamorous location in its own right with superyachts in the harbor and some of the finest hotels in the world. If there is one grand prix to add to your bucket list then it is Monaco and there is not a bad seat to be found in the principality. 

Monaco GP Circuit

Las Vegas – Las Vegas Grand Prix

A new circuit that has really grabbed the attention of Formula 1 lovers is Las Vegas which looks to have taken a page out of Singapore’s book. This is another night race that pops with plenty of neon lights and dramatic hotels to dot the track making for some truly legendary photo opportunities. Plus, it’s Vegas so as soon as the action finishes you can head into a casino to gamble the night away. You could even find a hotel room to enjoy a high-up view of the race but you should want to get down to street level and enjoy the entertainment up close.

Montreal – Circuit Gilles Villeneuve, Canadian Grand Prix

The circuit in Montreal is located on the Ile de Notre Dame which is a man-made island built in the Saint Lawrence River. That location should be enticing enough but so are the long stretches of straight road on the circuit and tight barriers close to the track itself. Come for the race but stay for the Canadian-French hospitality in a city that combines culture with heritage and has a lively nightlife. There are cute cafés to enjoy and plenty of great food with some of Canada’s best restaurants and some stunning architecture. 


Barcelona – Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya, Spanish Grand Prix

While the grand prix is 32 kilometers from the city of Barcelona, it is close to the sea. You can enjoy the good weather yet if it turns bad, strong winds can make the grand prix very interesting. Upon heading back to the city, you can enjoy a bright and cultured city which is proudly Catalan. From the sea-front dining to the overall joyous vibe that the city possesses, Barcelona is a great city to visit.   

Circuit De Barcelona-Catalunya, Montmelo

Singapore – Marina Bay, Singapore Grand Prix

For a touch of East Asian glamour, get to Singapore which hosts a spectacular grand prix in Marina Bay. Thankfully, the circuit is slap bang in the CBD and has a fascinatingly vivid quality when the sun goes down and the lights go on. Marina Bay and Singapore itself offer a stunning backdrop that should make for some awe-inspiring photos if you take your camera along for the ride. This is a special grand prix that has become a modern classic as it is done at night-time (likely for global TV audiences) but it does mean you can head off and enjoy the city’s nightlife before and after the race. 

Austin – Circuit of the Americas, United States Grand Prix

For many who have made the annual trip to the Circuit of the Americas, the main draw may not be the grand prix itself but the city of Austin. Granted, the track itself is a daunting one as it famously has an uphill run leading to the very first turn and a technical layout that has a pleasing flow. However, the city of Austin has a thriving craft beer scene, a liberal outlook, and plenty of things to do. From trekking the outdoors to enjoying some live music, or grabbing a pair of cowboy boots and enjoying some barbecue. 


There are plenty of grand prix to choose from across the globe, yet some of the best tracks are in a city you would gladly take a vacation in. If you have always wanted to visit somewhere far-flung, then plan your trip early in advance as race fans will populate the hotels. Alternatively, stay nearby for the race weekend and then book your stay in the city once the hoards of race teams and fans have left.