F1: Red Bull proving that ‘Paybacks are indeed a Bitch’

–by Mark Cipolloni–

Red Bull rivals are scrambling after Max Verstappen destroyed them in the season opening Bahrain GP.

Key people from rival teams are quitting or being fired, drivers are throwing their team under the bus, and the teams PR departments are working overtime to apologize to their fans for their ineptitude.

You see, these teams made a big fuss over the miniscule cost cap breach that Red Bull had in 2021, accusing them of cheating.

It got so out of hand, Red Bull employees’ kids were being bullied in the school yard.

This really pissed off the Red Bull employees, and it was time to get revenge – the professional way.

Despite reduced wind tunnel time for winning the 2022 Constructor’s title and the cost cap breach penalty, they put their heads down over the winter, worked hard, and developed a car that is better than all the teams that badmouthed them and called them cheaters.

As a result…..

They will destroy inept McLaren in 2023.

They will destroy inept Mercedes in 2023.

They will destroy inept Ferrari in 2023.

And all the others……

Not by colluding together like the others did to throw Red Bull under the bus, no Red Bull will do it by beating them on the racetrack.

And what really eats at the crawl of these auto manufacturers is that they are getting out engineering by an energy drink company.

How embarrassing is that?

It just goes to show, paybacks really are a bitch.