Rumor: Seoul to replace Shanghai F1 race

–by Mark Cipolloni–

Rumor has it that a street race in Seoul South Korea could replace the Chinese GP in Shanghai that has not run now for 4 straight years.

There are rumors that F1 CEO Stefano Domenicali has made visits to both Panama and Seoul, both interested in getting on the F1 calendar, but it’s doubtful Panama would beat out Seoul.

Word is China President Xi would like to have a night race in the capital (Beijing), but Western companies are increasingly wary of government interference from China and its alliance with Russia in the war to take over Ukraine. It is safer to switch to other, more friendly countries, and South Korea fits that bill.

Remember, Korea is one of the world’s leading car exporters.

Let’s not forget that F1 raced in Seoul for several years about a decade ago .

Start of the 2013 Korean GP won by Sebastian Vettel for Red Bull

The Korean Grand Prix struggled to establish itself as one of the Formula One calendar’s “must-have” races.

You only get one chance at a first impression, and the hurried completion of the Yeongam circuit (and the term “completion” is used here very loosely) meant it was never going to grab the hearts of F1 personnel and fans alike. It was located in the southern part of South Korea but it is now felt a race in Seoul would be better.

The thing about Korea is that Tilke applied the best features of his most successful tracks. Two very long straights end in tight corners, which provide great overtaking spots. The second and third sectors test a car’s core qualities with fast, sweeping sections and tightening bends as well. It’s a good track, a very good track.


South Korea track – F1 raced there for 3 years. A well-designed track that never caught on