F1: Formula 1 should focus on sustainable fuels, drop hybrids – Chandhok

–by Mark Cipolloni–

Karun Chandhok has suggested once again that the FIA “ditch” its hybrid technology for alternatives in a major rules change.

The Sky Sports F1 pundit claims teams can get rid of heavy batteries (a major complaint by the drivers that the cars have become too heavy) and lead the way on “sustainable fuels”.

Chandhok posted on Twitter: “As I’ve said on several occasions – I think it’s time for F1 to ditch the hybrids with the heavy batteries.

“Light cars with V10s screaming on sustainable fuels would be brilliant. Le Mans is pushing hybrids, FE is doing Electric, F1 can lead development in sustainable fuels.

“Sadly the manufacturers will never let it happen!”

Modern-day F1 machinery currently weigh a staggering 1,760 lbs today, compared to just 1,415kg back in 2013.

Back in 1991, F1 cars weighed just 1,115 lbs and with driver, 1,270 lbs.  So today’s F1 cars weight 500 lbs more than back in the early 90sand most of that weight is battery and electric motor to appease the tree-huggers.

If the fuel used in F1 cars is 100% sustainable, and not adding any pollution to the environment, then the tree-huggers would be silenced.

Imagine if F1 cars sounded like this again (Tree-Huggers and your whiny electric cars go pound sand):

Currently, teams run an E10 compound which is made up of 10 per cent renewable materials. However, F1 is set to race on fully sustainable fuel from 2026 as organizers try to make the series carbon-neutral by 2030.