IndyCar: So few seats Detroit GP a sellout (Update)

–by Mark Cipolloni–

Detroit GP race boss Bud Denker said about 20,000 fans paid to watch Sunday’s race and an unknown number of people took advantage of access points that were free.

If they only had 8,400 grandstand seats, then there must have been over 11,000 people in the suites and paid General Admission.

The track was eight-tenths of a mile longer when it was previously downtown in 1991, but Denver said lengthening the track isn’t an option because of adjacent neighborhood, businesses and a tunnel that connects Detroit to Canada.

Next year changes will be made to the breaking zone at Turn 3, where drivers slowed from 180-plus mph for a hairpin, and in the area near Turn 8 before the split pit lane.

June 1, 2023 

–by Mark Cipolloni–

Grandstand seats for this weekend’s Detroit GP IndyCar race on the downtown streets are sold out for Sunday, not because IndyCar is so popular, but because there are so few seats.

A fan named Sean counted the seats today and provided these numbers:

Grandstand A B C D E Total
1 286 550 286 1122
3A 286 286 572
3B 198 374 198 770
3C 130 210 130 470
3D 130 210 130 470
4 286 286 572
8A 286 660 286 1232
8B 286 660 286 1232
9 198 550 462 550 198 1958
Total 8,398

Does not include General Admission tickets, which are also sold out.

Tickets are available for Friday and Saturday

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