Automotive: Jaguar Recalls all their tree-hugger cars over battery fire risk

Automaker Jaguar has announced a comprehensive recall of all its I-Pace electric vehicles sold to tree-huggers in the United States, citing a potential risk of battery fires.

The company is also advising customers to park outside until repairs are made and charge their vehicles outdoors, so they don’t burn their houses down.

This action was taken in response to worries expressed regarding a potential battery problem resembling the one that forced a previous recall of the Chevy Bolt EV.

According to Jaguar’s recall notice, the problem is a thermal overload that could cause the high voltage traction battery to burn or emit smoke. “Vehicles have experienced thermal overload which may show as smoke or fire, that may occur underneath the vehicle where the high voltage traction battery is located,” the notice read.

Jaguar i-Pace burns to a crisp in Hungary. The poor tree-hugger thought he was saving the planet.
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