Former IndyCar driver’s family linked to Brazil embezzlement charge

Ana Beatriz in 2011
Ana Beatriz in 2011

The husband and father-in-law of former Dreyer & Reinbold IndyCar and Stock Car Brasil driver Ana Beatriz (goes by Bia Figueiredo now) have been arrested and charged with embezzlement in Rio de Janeiro.

Last Thursday, the District Attorney’s Office for the Rio de Janeiro state started an operation focused on accusations concerning money embezzlement from the state’s Health Department. The police made several arrests including Figueiredo’s husband Fabio Souza, and her father-in-law Juracy Batista.

They have been charged with embezzling more than $1.64m through the Lagos Rio Health Institute. According to the D.A, Bia’s company, B3Tres, had received over 1.5 million reais, part of which was used to finance her Stock Car career.

According to the investigation, Batista and Souza were central pieces in the operation. The D.A. also stated that part of the money was used to finance the wedding between Figueiredo and Souza in January 2016. Even though her name is connected to the case, the D.A says that Bia isn’t part of the investigation, since the company was controlled by her husband.

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