Walkinshaw: New manufacturers interested in Supercars

Walkinshaw and co-team owner Michael Andretti
Walkinshaw and co-team owner Michael Andretti

Ryan Walkinshaw suggests there are automotive manufacturers interested in joining the Supercars fray despite the sport this week shedding Holden.

General Motors announced that it will kill off the brand over the course of 2020, prompting a number of questions regarding its future which, for the moment, have no clear answer.

According to Walkinshaw, the demise of the Australian brand will spark changes within the sport’s senior management.

“There’s no doubt there’s going to be some big changes and some big strategic thought into what this category wants to be going forward," said Walkinshaw.

“I know there’s lots of different ideas.

“(This decision) doesn’t necessarily mean that the GM and the Ford involvement in this sport will cease; there’s a lot of discussions that are ongoing."

Walkinshaw has been linked with introducing the Chevrolet Camaro into the sport, while rumors have also suggested a tie-up with BMW.

“This is a great opportunity for other brands to take advantage of that and enter the sport," claimed Walkinshaw.

“I know there’s a lot of manufacturers that do want to come into this sport, given the right scenario, given the right investment opportunity, given the right access to the teams they’d want to have represent them.

“Some small changes to the chassis and how we look at what our product is would allow entry to these manufacturers. I think that’s where the focus should be."

Walkinshaw also paid tribute to Holden and its place in Australian culture, as well as those impacted by the demise of the marque.

“Holden’s an iconic brand. It’s synonymous with Australia throughout the world," added the heir to the Tom Walkinshaw Racing empire which operated the original Holden Racing Team for almost three decades.

“There’s a lot of brands that have made a big impact in this country but there’s very few brands left in this country and that are truly Australian, and Holden was one of them.

“Obviously it’s disappointing to see that. My thoughts are obviously with the people who’ve been affected by it.

“That’s the employees, the dealers, and the fan base that have been so loyal and loved that brand for such a long period of time." Speedcafe