Sim drivers to have an edge in Austria – Rosberg

Nico Rosberg
Nico Rosberg

(GMM) Nico Rosberg thinks F1 drivers who have spent the corona shutdown at the wheel of home simulators will be the best prepared for the resumption of racing next month.

Like Lando Norris, Max Verstappen, Charles Leclerc, Valtteri Bottas and other active F1 stars, retired 2016 world champion Rosberg also spends time at the wheel of a simulator for online racing.

"If I was still racing, I would spend hours in the simulator. I am convinced that it helps keep the senses sharp," Rosberg is quoted by Speed Week.

"Imagine if Roger Federer hadn't been on a tennis court for five months, he'd be lost on the first day and it will be the same for Formula 1 drivers.

"The simulator is a chance to train your skills and maintain a high level. I would bet that the sim drivers have an advantage in Austria," the German added.

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