F1 Qualifying races will replace Q3 in 2020 (Update)

Mattia Binotto spills the beans
Mattia Binotto jumped the gun

UPDATE (GMM) Mattia Binotto may have jumped the gun by announcing that F1's qualifying format is changing radically for 2020.

The Ferrari boss told La Gazzetta dello Sport that all ten teams have agreed to scrap the existing knockout format in favour of a new Saturday sprint race.

"All teams have said yes, including us," Binotto said. "So in 2020, it will be done."

However, reporting for Speed Week, correspondent Mathias Brunner says Binotto's claim is in fact "not true", because a format vote on the matter is in fact yet to be conducted.

"It is quite possible that a qualifying grand prix will come. But it's not decided yet," he added.

Indeed, F1 sporting director Ross Brawn had appeased those worried about radical changes by declaring at Monza: "There will be no revolution.

"Fans do not need to worry. Any changes will be minor.

"We do want to work on certain elements of the weekend to improve the show. We could try something new with the stable regulations next year and then firmly integrate it in 2021," Brawn said.

09/13/19 Following yesterday's meeting of F1's Strategy Group in Geneva, Ferrari team boss, Mattia Binotto revealed that the ten teams have given their approval to the idea of Qualifying Races.

"All the teams said yes, including us" he told Gazzetta dello Sport. "Therefore, in 2020 it will be done."

It's understood that the race, thought to be 100km, will replace Q3, but will only happen at certain circuits, mostly at tracks where overtaking is 'not difficult'. If the race was follow-the-leader because passing is too hard, then what is the purpose of having a qualifying race – think Monaco!

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