NASCAR disqualifies Jimmie Johnson’s car after it fails inspection

Jimmie Johnson ran strong, but was disqualified
Jimmie Johnson ran strong, but was disqualified

NASCAR announced that Jimmie Johnson‘s car failed inspection rear alignment measurements after his runner-up finish and he was disqualified.

Jay Fabian, Cup Series managing director, said Johnson’s car failed post-race alignment.

Asked about consideration of a broken part, Fabian said: “The allowance is built in for parts that move.

"There is an allowance for that. If parts break, the number is the number. There is no real parameter outside of that. There have been parts in the past that have been designed to fail or break. Certainly not suggesting that is the case here, but that’s what’s gotten us to this hard line and this is the post-race number and there is a fair tolerance from pre-race numbers to post."

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