F1 eyeing race in Marrakech

Sean Bratches, high on a race in Africa
Sean Bratches, high on a race in Africa

While there has long been talk of heading back to South Africa, according to F1 commercial boss, Sean Bratches, in addition to a return there, the Moroccan city of Marrakech is also in talks to host a round of the world championship.

"We race on five continents and the last habituated continent that we don’t race in is Africa," said Bratches at the Sport Industry Breakfast Club in London. "We have proactively been approached by Morocco and Marrakech to take a grand prix there. There is a high degree of interest.

"Formula One raced in South Africa before, "he continued, there is a historic track in Kyalami, but I have been told that due to political considerations historically, that ceased.

"We are looking in the short term to have a race there. It is really important to us to have a race in Africa."

Meanwhile, speaking at the same event, Yath Gangakumaran, F1's director of Strategy and Business Development, revealed that Rwanda and Nigeria are keen to host fan events.

"I think Rwanda in particular have seen the benefits of the Arsenal sponsorship deal," he said, referring to a sponsorship deal which saw a south London football club of minor importance sporting 'Visit Rwanda' logos on its shirts. "There's a lot of interest not just for races but for actuations throughout the continent."

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