Speculation on the Corvette C8 Mid-Engine convertible

Corvette C8. What will the convertible look like?
Corvette C8. What will the convertible look like?

As sure as we are that fire is hot and water is wet, it is inevitable that the C8-generation Chevrolet Corvette will eventually be offered as a convertible.

Much like the outgoing C7 Corvette, the mid-engine coupe is tipped to receive a hardtop which can be easily lifted off and stored. A dedicated Corvette Convertible model is also expected to arrive at some stage and the following renderings from Chazcron, shared by Corvette Blogger, provide us with a glimpse of how this model could look.

Immediately differentiating the C8 Corvette Convertible from the coupe will probably be a pair of buttresses directly behind the cabin. Chazcron’s renderings also depict the mid-engine supercar with a hardtop which can be folded away into an area just in front of the engine, similar to the roof mechanism you’ll find on the McLaren 720S Spider.

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