July re-start too soon for F1 – Enzinger

Fritz Enzinger
Fritz Enzinger

(GMM) Porsche's racing boss Fritz Enzinger is warning that July is too soon for the recommencement of the Formula 1 season.

In charge of the German brand's Formula E efforts, he told Kurier newspaper that he backs the current shutdown of world sport, including motor racing.

"When it comes to sporting events, health and safety comes first," said Enzinger. "Nobody can say at the moment when it will be guaranteed again."

As in F1, talks between Formula E's management and the teams are taking place about whether the season might be able to get racing again from July.

Enzinger said Formula E is important for Porsche "but we will not rush anything".

And he said that same attitude should be adopted by Formula 1, despite efforts to race with strict coronavirus measures in place in Austria in July.

"Formula 1 is one of the most closed systems in world sport, but there can be gaps there too," he said.

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