Ecclestone, Marko, told Vettel to reveal truth (Update)

Vettel was simply terminated by Ferrari
Vettel was simply terminated by Ferrari, but took it like a man

UPDATE More quotes from Vettel in the ServusTV interview:

"Yes, that's what I said," Vettel told ServusTV when asked to clarify. "I think that the last five years haven't brought what I think was the goal from both sides. Still, I think that it would have been an option to continue and work on the goal in any case.

"And that had been communicated in the same way. I was told that we want to continue. Until I got a phone call out of nowhere, when I was told that there would be no offer, that there would be no future.

"That surprised me at first. The conditions with corona and so on – I don't want to harp on it now, but I don't think they'll be that decisive.

"There were also some reports that we could not agree on the financial aspects. So that was not an issue at all and would not have been an issue.

"If you have been in Formula 1 for so long and you've been lucky enough to be so successful and on the other hand gain a certain independence, that would certainly not have been an obstacle, which is why it was surprising.

"But well, the decision as it is, I don't have a problem with it and I accept it as it is, but I'm still trying to do my job this year and do a better job than yesterday and do the best for the team to bring this to a good end."

"Honestly, I haven't made a decision yet, and I don't know yet for myself either. What's important, of course, is to find an environment that fits. I have enjoyed the last five years very much in many respects, but the last five years have also taken a lot of energy.

"The goal at that time was to rebuild the team. And certainly both sides have tried everything. But at the end of the day we failed on both sides, because the title didn't come. That was the big goal. Now this is a new situation for me. It will be important for me to find something that is good for me and fun. I think that is a very important thing.

"As I mentioned earlier, the financial aspect is not at all in the foreground. And of course I am still very ambitious, motorsport is my life. I don't know any other way, except the last three months it's been a little different.

"But I wouldn't really want to miss it. With the right job and the right place I would still feel very much at home in a Formula 1 car. I think the next few weeks, months, will shed light – also for myself – on what is possible, and what I want to do."

Called Red Bull's Helmut Marko immediately.

"I called him right after the decision, but not to ask, 'Helmut, do you have a place?', but because I get along very well with him and he has been a confidant for years.

"I asked him for advice. I described the situation to him as it is. He's known for putting his heart on his sleeve. And then I spoke to him. What will come out in the end remains to be seen. The talks in this regard are of my own making."

Asked about the option of Mercedes, he suggested that it was unlikely that the Brackley team would have a seat for him.

"I think that the team, as it is currently driving, is very happy and is doing very well. The last few years prove that right. I can understand that they want to stick with it. No decision has been made in this respect yet. In theory, both places are still free. But is clear that Lewis can stay if he wants to. And the same goes, after Sunday, for Valtteri."

He conceded that there were three options, namely to find a seat for 2021, take a year out and return in 2022, or retire.

"I think you have to – at least that's how my head works – I think if you make the decision to close the door, you shouldn't make it in such a way that you have the hope to open it again. Unless it is clear from the outset.

"I believe that you must then be ready for yourself to be ready to keep the door closed. In other words: if it does not open, for whatever reason, then one should not regret the decision."

07/07/20 (GMM) Bernie Ecclestone says he advised Sebastian Vettel to go public about the way he was axed by Ferrari.

Before last weekend, the official story was that the quadruple world champion and the Maranello team had decided mutually to part ways after 2020.

But Vettel shattered that narrative in Austria, revealing that he was given his marching hours before any contract negotiations took place.

Continuing to explain on Monday to Servus TV, Vettel revealed: "The money did not matter at all and would not have been a problem."

Former F1 supremo Ecclestone, known to be a close Vettel confidante, told Sport1 that he advised Vettel to go public with the information.

"It was important for him," the 89-year-old said.

"Sebastian is an extremely talented driver with a strong will but he is very sensitive when he has to live with unfairness. He has now freed himself of that," added Ecclestone.

"I have spoken to Sebastian a lot lately. I advised him that the truth needs to be put on the table."

Ecclestone rejects Ross Brawn's claim that Vettel was obviously "distracted" by his uncertain future when he clashed with Carlos Sainz on Sunday.

"That had nothing to do with it," Ecclestone said. "Lewis Hamilton also didn't have the best weekend in Austria."

Fascinatingly, it emerges that Red Bull's Dr Helmut Marko also advised Vettel to plant the bombshell about the shock phone call from Mattia Binotto.

"I called him right after I split up with Ferrari," Vettel confirms. "Firstly just to ask for advice because we have known each other for so long."

Marko told Servus TV: "The fact that Sebastian waited so long to tell the truth shows what a great team player he is."

It all means that persistent rumors about Vettel perhaps finding refuge at Red Bull next year will continue for now.

When asked about his next move, Vettel said: "I haven't made a decision yet and I don't know anything.

"But it is important to find an environment that fits me. Racing is my life and I feel comfortable and motivated in Formula 1."

As for his current team, Vettel said: "I really enjoyed my time at Ferrari. But it also took a lot of energy from me."

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