Monza now open to spectator-free Italy GP

Monza: Imagine a Ferrari win with no fans in grandstands
Monza: Imagine a Ferrari win with no fans in grandstands

(GMM) Monza may be willing to consider hosting a grand prix behind closed doors in 2020.

That is the news from Angelo Sticchi Damiani, president of the Italian automobile club Aci.

"The situation is complex, also because we do not have certainties," he is quoted by Italy's Sky Sport, referring to F1's shutdown for the coronavirus crisis.

"Today we plan to have the European races in July and August, then we go to Monza and to the East. All of this should be decided in the coming days by the FIA, but talking about certainty is not easy."

Earlier, most circuits were not willing to contemplate excluding spectators from their 2020 races, but it now appears as though Liberty Media will discount race fees if they do.

"The public is very important because the revenue goes to the organizers," Sticchi Damiani said.

"But here we had to choose not to have a world championship in 2020 or at least get the minimum of 15 races which is necessary for the television rights and to keep the system up, especially for the smaller teams," he added.

Damiani also confirmed reports that two races could take place at Silverstone.

"Seven of the ten teams are nearby," he said, "and not having to disassemble and reassemble the paddock and boxes represents a saving that, at this moment, really counts because the whole system is suffering."

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