Small teams need engine price discount – Steiner

Gunther Steiner states the obvious
Gunther Steiner states the obvious

(GMM) The price of buying engines from F1's manufacturers might need to come down during the global pandemic.

That is the view of Gunther Steiner, boss of the small American team Haas that has a close technical association with Ferrari.

The 2020 season was supposed to feature an unprecedented 22 races, but coronavirus has brought Formula 1 to a complete standstill for now.

"It is currently the subject of negotiations on how we should proceed with the engine leasing," Steiner is quoted by Speed Week.

"We cannot renegotiate until we have a specific calendar," he added. "It is simply too early for us as a customer and also for the supplier.

"But one thing is clear: if we only have ten grands prix, we don't need the full contingent (of engines). If we can only do half or a third of the races, then it is clear that we do not pay the full price.

"The engine manufacturers and customers are in the same boat here," Steiner said. "We have to find a healthy compromise."

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