Virtual Racing: Everything you need to know

The HTC VIVE Pro McLaren limited edition headset for Virtual Racing
The HTC VIVE Pro McLaren limited edition headset for Virtual Racing

Imagine this: no parking, no trash talking, no speeding ticket, no gun not even a starting line. If you do not know what am talking about, let me introduce you to the world of virtual racing. It is just as exciting as those online betting games you play by taking in bonus codes from In fact, in many ways, it is a whole lot more fun since you can play it with your family.

What is virtual racing?

Virtual racing is the new trend in the block. A virtual race is a simple race which you can choose either to run, walk or jog from any location you choose. You get to run your own race at your pace with your own rules.

All you have to do is to sign up online and then you can choose your own startup line. Once you have run the race distance, you upload your finishing time and a few days later a medal is at your doorstep. How simple is that?

If you are a traditional runner you might say this is just wrong. But virtual racing is actually fun as it is for individuals who are looking for convenience.

How did virtual racing begin?

It all began when high school students who were to participate in national championships had to mail their time to the postal national championship. The one who had the best time was chosen and they became champion.

This might be considered the starting point for virtual racing. However, no one exactly knows when it actually jumped to the online community. But it is good to note that there was a need for people who were unable to participate in physical races. And we are guessing that's when a genius decided to come up with virtual racing.

How does virtual racing work?

Let's start with the basics. A virtual race is done online. Once you have chosen a race, you sign up, pay a registration fee, complete your race and upload the results online. Then all you have to do is to wait for a medal.

The online sites are different and offer a variety of options. There are sites which allow you to complete the race at any time while others time is a paramount factor. However the end result is always the same, all runners earn their medals.

Virtual racing has also been integrated into some live racing events such as the Prague Marathon and the Falmouth Race in Massachusetts.

More and more individuals are taking part in virtual racing since it is convenient for them. Moreover, it has become part of training plans and methods for traditional drivers.

What are the benefits of virtual racing?

Virtual racing has proven to be the best option for people who want to physically race but cannot. Other benefits of virtual racing include:

  • Reduces the problems of poor traffic, bad weather and injuries.
  • It is a good training plan for nutrition and hydrating.
  • Helps one adequately prepare for a physical race.

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