Liberty would rescue failing teams – Horner

Horner should reach into his bank account and help to bail them out
Like any true socialist, they always tell other people how to cough up money, but never their own.

(GMM) Liberty Media is ready to bail out teams who go bust during the coronavirus pandemic, according to Christian Horner.

F1 and some circuits are pushing hard to organize races in some form from about July, with Claire Williams saying a plan like that is "critical" to the small teams' mere survival.

Some, though, are calling for the 2020 championship to be scrapped altogether, but Red Bull boss Horner said that would be "an enormous blow".

"At that point the promoter (Liberty) has to decide," he said.

"It's their business – they have to decide how to keep those teams alive because they need teams to go racing. The Liberty guys would do whatever they can to ensure that ten teams are on the grid and competing next year," Horner added.

"In order to protect their own business I believe they would help – which means paying – to ensure that those teams would be around to compete next year."

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