Online racing will not replace ‘real’ F1 – Kubica

Robert Kubica
Robert Kubica

(GMM) Robert Kubica is another F1 driver who will not get involved in F1's official virtual racing series.

A growing number of active drivers were in the field for the most recent online race based on the official F1 2019 game, which was won by Charles Leclerc.

Kubica, who is Alfa Romeo's reserve driver, admits he enjoys driving on the iRacing platform from home "but I quickly turned it off because I wanted to do it for relaxation".

"No driver who enters a session cannot relax at the same time," he is quoted by Przeglad Sportowy.

"I may do it from time to time, but I hope to do it as little as possible because that would mean I have returned to real racing," the Pole said.

"The virtual competitions are at a very high level and can fill the time waiting for the world to move again, but it will not replace reality," Kubica continued. "If it did, we would already have other world champions.

"The people who race simulator games are specialists who train for several hours a day for many years, so there is no chance to race with them.

"But racing in a seat at home has nothing to do with real driving. It's fun but to say that online racing and esports can replace a true Formula 1 championship is silly," he said.

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