Ferrari ‘prepared’ to go racing again

How bad will Mercedes destroy Ferrari this year?
How bad will Mercedes destroy Ferrari this year?

(GMM) Ferrari will be "prepared" for when Formula 1 gets up and racing once again.

That is the word from the Maranello team's CEO Louis Camilleri, who this week moved to cheer up shareholders concerned about the impact of the coronavirus crisis.

"Our decision to distribute this dividend demonstrates our confidence in the future, and it is a reward to our shareholders in these difficult times," he is quoted by Corriere dello Sport.

Ferrari, whose headquarters are located within the most affected Italian region, recently extended its factory shutdown until the beginning of May.

But Camilleri says Ferrari will thrive once again.

"Nobody knows exactly when it will happen, but as Shakespeare says in Hamlet, if it doesn't happen now, the important thing is to be prepared. Rest assured that Ferrari is prepared," he said.

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