Mosley regrets not making F1 ‘path’ easier

Max Mosley
Max Mosley

(GMM) Max Mosley says his biggest regret as FIA president was failing to make it easier for young drivers with a "normal family" to target a career in Formula 1.

Mosley, who turned 80 on Easter Monday, told DPA news agency he is proud to have improved safety. But he rues another personal goal that he failed to see accomplished.

"I'm sure there a lot of talents out there who have never had the chance," said the Briton, who led the FIA between 1993 and 2009.

He admitted that among his biggest regrets was "failing to establish as FIA president a straight path for drivers to go from karting to Formula 1 with means that a normal family can raise".

Mosley said the way to do that would have been an inexpensive junior series that counted towards super license points, but he said there was "massive resistance, even litigation".

"But I should have done it anyway," he insisted.

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