Dutch GP boss proposes Tuesday races

Zaandvoort boss proposes mid-week races.
Zandvoort boss proposes mid-week races.

(GMM) One way through the coronavirus situation for Formula 1 may be midweek races.

That is the view of Jan Lammers, chief spokesman of the postponed Dutch GP at Zandvoort.

With nine grands prix postponed or cancelled so far, F1 is scrambling to put together an alternative schedule for the second half of the year.

"Why can't a grand prix be held on a Tuesday or Wednesday evening, just like the Champions League?" the former F1 driver told the broadcaster NOS.

"Why should a grand prix always be held in prime family time, when you might want to do other things with your family who don't like motorsport?" Lammers added.

He indicated that everything is currently on the table, for instance: "They are thinking of a championship on three different versions of the Silverstone circuit.

"I think the coronavirus, both economically and sportingly, will be three steps back but two steps forward. Because we are all learning from this situation.

"We are learning suddenly what we can do. So there are not only disadvantages."

1997 world champion Jacques Villeneuve has a similar view.

"Perhaps there is something cleansing about this coronavirus situation," he is quoted by Speed Week.

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