Commentator sends calendar idea to F1 bosses

Will the F1 season start at Silverstone and race only in Europe in 2020?
Will the F1 season start at Silverstone and race only in Europe in 2020?

Well-known Dutch commentator Olav Mol says he has emailed Formula One Management with a proposal about how an alternative 2020 calendar should look.

Officially, F1 CEO Chase Carey is still pushing for a new schedule of between 15-18 races – even though the ninth cancellation or postponement has just been added to the list.

Mol told the F1 Aan Tafel podcast that 15 races is "certainly possible".

"It is still secretly hoped to have 15 races, but given the ongoing crisis and the suspended ticket sales, that is at least ambitious," he said.

"It also puts pressure on the agenda and the teams to be able to arrange everything logistically."

Therefore, the Dutchman – who commentates for Ziggo Sport – has a better idea.

"On Friday evening I sent an email to them," Mol said.

"I largely agree with Martin Brundle – I think we should start at Silverstone. Most of the teams are there already, so that way you limit traveling.

"Then you have to think logistically about the rest of the calendar in the same way. You could then go to the Netherlands, and finish with Belgium, France, Spain, Italy, Hungary and Austria. The rules say you must have at least eight races for a championship.

"That way you stretch the calendar as far as possible without having to travel all over the world at an early stage," he added.

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