Renault to keep engine upgrade from Red Bull

Abiteboul playing hardball with Red Bull until they sign....or not
Abiteboul playing hardball with Red Bull until they sign….or not

After Daniel Ricciardo won Monaco Grand Prix, the paddock was awash with the expectation that he might challenge Lewis and Sebastian for the title showdown. Red Bull also believed that they could challenge Mercedes at Montreal as they expect Renault to bring engine upgrades for the Canadian Grand Prix. Red Bull’s team Principle Christian Horner expects small but hugely important updates that would help them challenge the front runners.

According to a report by, Renault have readied their B-spec engine to be introduced at Canadian Grand Prix. Renault expect to close the gap to Mercedes with this upgrade.

Confirming the news Renault’s technical director Nick Chester said, “there’s a B-spec engine for Canada and we’re looking forward to that, as it should bring a bit more performance."

Team boss Cyril Abiteboul added: “We have the next stage of our power unit development scheduled and a number of aero and mechanical upgrades (to Renault’s works car)."

Doubt has been cast by Renault Chief if all the six cars using Renault engine would get this B-spec engine, in particular Red Bull, despite assurances the Milton Keynes team will eventually receive the upgrade.

Cyril earlier told Autosport, “I think we have six engines available, subject to the last event on procurement in the supply chain.

“That’s the plan, but not sure it’s actually the best to introduce it in all six cars, in particular Red Bull.

“We need to look into that. We always work in partnership with teams, trying to do the best for the overall season result.

“It’s a small gain in power, although we know we won’t be the only one," he added further.

It is to be seen what turn the relationship between Renault and Red Bull takes if latter doesn’t get the upgraded engine. Red Bull is also in talks with Honda to supply them engine for next year, and this latest episode might well expedite the whole process. TheJudge13

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