Red Bull not giving up on FIA-Ferrari complaint

Marko one of many crying babies at Red Bull

(GMM) Red Bull will not simply abandon its push to get to the bottom of the secret agreement reached between the FIA and Ferrari.

Before the coronavirus pandemic took over Formula 1 and the entire world, the hottest topic was a big group of teams threatening legal action over the way F1's governing body handled the questionable legality of Ferrari's 2019 engine.

"Unfortunately at the moment we are dealing with other things," Marko told

"But that does not mean that we will give up on the FIA and Ferrari business if things go back to normal," Red Bull's top Austrian official said.

"The corona crisis took over but we still think the agreement was scandalous."

Marko also referred to the fact that Toto Wolff and Mercedes suddenly withdrew their opposition to the FIA-Ferrari agreement.

"We don't want to harm Ferrari or the FIA in any way, but we continue to demand complete clarification of how the strange private agreement came about," he said. "Even without Mercedes, who strangely jumped off the train even though they were the train driver from the beginning."

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